Videostory: Arti/già/nato, union is strength

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Creating connections between artisans, visitors and residents. In a single environment, recovered and intended for the display of the artifacts of eleven workshops: with this goal Arti/già/nato was born, the project of artistic craftsmanship wanted by CNA Arezzo that has found a space in the historic Palazzo Chianini Vincenzi, in the center of the Tuscan city. The project stems from a strong desire to enhance raw materials, climate, roots and specificity of the territory and to intercept a public increasingly attentive to new models of consumption and sensitive to the quality of products intended to remain over time. Almost two years after the opening of the space, we went to visit it, for CNA Storie of July, under the guidance of goldsmith Marco Conti.

The value of craftsmanship

“Everyone talks about craftsmanship,” says Marco, “we talk with facts. Handicrafts are our stories: each territory within its possibilities should intervene to empower artisans, stimulating them to get together to make themselves known.” In an age where quantity is favored, the commitment of artisans is to make known and appreciate the value of the unique piece: “We don’t flatten, as is unfortunately often the case today,” Marco says, “rather we create heights, very particular things. We tell our stories and explain to tourists how products are created.”

In an age when quantity is favored, the commitment of artisans is to raise awareness and appreciation of the value of the unique piece

Arti/già/nato, the great handmade workshop

A large workshop dedicated to the made-to-measure, where tourists and residents can, in addition to buying a handmade bag or hat, design spaces with iron and wood craftsmen, or choose with shoemakers and tailors how to cut out leather and fabrics. “We strongly believed in this project, which was made possible thanks to CNA, who believed with us. On our own we small artisans have less strength, but with the association we can grow what is our identity, our history, craftsmanship.”

The enhancement of territories

The Arti/già/nato project was also created with the aim of reclaiming hamlets, which are increasingly poor in craft activities, and giving new life to disused properties.”Our presence in a historic downtown building is also a guarantee of safety and vitality for the area. A downtown with the shutters down is less safe,” Marco notes. In addition to enhancing artisan activities, the sum of these eleven tales makes an important story of enhancing local products, garrisoning villages and driving tourism.



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